Truck Curtain Repairs

Damaged truck curtains not only look bad, they can cause driving and handling problems, damage to cargo and might even be illegal.

Dreyco C&T is the industry leader in on-site truck curtain repairs.  We have been repairing truck curtains countrywide since the early 2011. We pride ourselves on doing curtain repairs that last and do not come apart over time.

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Our mobile service enables our team to meet with you at your premises to carry out any and all repairs you may require to your truck curtains including roof repairs, steel or aluminium rails repairs, weatherstrip repairs or replacements, runners, steel or aluminium poles, uprights and curtain tensioner’s.

We understand the need for repairs to be as discrete as possible and our aim is to repair them as close to the original condition of the curtain. All repairs are completed using specialized PVC welding techniques which keep them durable. Repairs are made to the inside of the curtain thereby minimizing ugly patches which can be visible if done on the outside. Our highly trained, skilled staff will assist to have your vehicle repaired and back on the road with minimum downtime.

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